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Training Units

Information about our training units

ID Unit Title Theory / Practical
1 Health and Safety Responsibilities Theory
2 Epilepsy Theory
3 Asthma Theory
4 Autism Theory
5 ADHD Theory
6 Types of Emergency Equipment Theory
7 Using Emergency equipment Theory
8 Emergency Procedures Theory
9 Understanding the needs of passengers and carers Theory
10 Manual Handling [Practical] Practical
11 Vulnerable Passenger Protection/Child Protection Theory
12 Dealing with Challenging Behaviour Theory
13 Vehicle Evacuations [Theory] Theory
14 Road Based Skills [Theory] Theory
15 Road Based Skills [Practical] Practical
16 Vehicle Loading and Securing [PCV] Theory
17 Basic Life Saving Skills 1 Theory
18 Basic Life Saving Skills Practical
19 Using Vehicle Mounted Lifts [PCV] [Theory] Theory
20 Using Vehicle Mounted Lifts [PCV] [Practical] Practical
21 Passenger Restraints Practical
22 Checking Emergency Equipment Practical
23 Vehicle Evacuations [Practical] Practical
24 Wheelchair Restraints Practical
25 Manual Handling [Theory] Theory
26 Diabetes Theory
27 HIV & AIDS Theory
28 Dementia Theory
29 Administering Rectal Diazepam Theory & Practical - includes exam
30 Anaphylaxis & EPI-Pen Administration Theory & Practical - includes exam
31 Oxygen Therapy & It's Administration Theory & Practical - includes exam
32 Use of Suction Devices Theory & Practical - includes exam
33 Appointed Person First Aid
34 Introduction to Tachographs
35 Fuel Efficient Driving [Theory] Theory
36 Carrying Compressed Gases Small Loads Theory
37 PPE
38 Drivers Hours [Introduction] Theory
39 Working Time Directive For Drivers Theory
40 Hazard Perception [Introduction] introduction to hazard perception
48 Untoward Incidents Theory
49 Importance of the Highway Code Theory
50 Introduction to Health & Safety Theory
51 Licensing & Legislation Theory
52 Hazard Perception [Advanced] Theory
53 Customer Care Theory
54 Vehicle Loading & Securing [LGV] Theory For LGV
55 Using Vehicle Mounted Lifts [LGV] [Theory] Theory For LGV
56 Daily Walk Around Checks [PCV] Theory For PCV
57 Daily Walk Around Checks [LGV] Theory For LGV
58 Roadside Penalties (incl. OCRS) Theory, incl. OCRS For PCV & LGV
59 Digital Tachographs [Advanced] Theory
61 Hazard Perception [In Depth]
62 Importance of Effective Communication
63 Drivers Hours [In-Depth]
64 Fuel Efficient Driving [Practical]
65 Using Vehicle Mounted Lifts [LGV] [Practical]
66 Drivers Hours [Advanced]
67 Health and Safety Legislation [Introduction]
68 Health and Safety Legislation [First Aid]
69 Health and Safety Legislation [In-Depth]
70 Health and Safety Legislation [Advanced]